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Our methodology is the most efficient way to invest in startups, with the optimal return potential for our investors.
Our analysis and approach
Our analysis of the UK startup market examined millions of data points to design the optimal fund model.

It emphasises portfolio diversity and a deep network of angels that have proven their ability to invest in startups that go on to succeed, have highly developed connections to the most promising new businesses, and are willing to co-invest with us on the same terms.

This combination of analysis, network and investment process is unique to us. There is no other fund on the market that can offer the same to its investors.

Unlike most funds, we do not ask our investors to believe in our ability to pick winners. We are transparent about the risks, and eager to share the extensive data analysis that led us to create our methodology.
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Our network
Our co-investment network is comprised of angel investors that have demonstrated their ability to invest their money wisely, with investment portfolios that outperform average fund performance. They are a community of leaders in their fields, selected for their proven expertise.

Our network gives our investors access to otherwise unobtainable opportunities. It also means that we have a steady flow of top quality deals where many funds struggle to find startups worthy of investment.
Our investors
We are proud to count institutions such as British Business Investments among our investors.

BBI are part of the British Business Bank, a government-owned business development bank who are dedicated to supporting smaller businesses by improving access to alternative finance, while supporting the UK’s transition to a net zero economy, and generating a return for the UK taxpayer.
Our data
We published the details of our data analysis and how our findings led to the creation of our model in our white paper: A data-driven approach to venture fund portfolio building.

For more on how our model is calibrated to the power law distribution of venture capital returns, read our second second white paper, on the science of startup investing.

You can read an independent review of our fund by Hardman & Co here.

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Our team

SyndicateRoom brings together expertise spanning data science, financial analytics, wealth management, product development, venture capital and strategic partnerships, supported by internal development, marketing and investor relations teams. Everything we offer, we have built ourselves, and all the decisions we make are made in house.

Our board of directors includes experts across finance, marketing, and partnerships at some of the world’s leading institutions.
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We are always happy to speak on the phone, whether it’s to answer questions about our product, discuss individual portfolios, or just to keep our investors informed. We are human beings, and we’re pleased to give potential and existing investors our time.

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