The smarter way to invest in startups
The Access EIS Fund is an innovative approach to investing in startups.

It uses advanced statistical analysis of the UK startup market and its most consistently successful investors to build you a large, diversified portfolio that is optimised for growth.

Our network gives us the edge

We co-invest with hand-picked angel investors who have demonstrated their ability to out-perform the market, allowing us to access the highest quality deals on exactly the same terms at an earlier stage than most funds.

In two years we have invested in more than 200 companies and attracted over 1,000 investors, including institutions like British Business Investments. SyndicateRoom is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Why invest with us?
We keep the investment process simple and efficient

We deliver a streamlined service to our investors, enabling them to invest, monitor their investment portfolio and easily handle their EIS admin through our digital platform. Thanks to the efficiency of this approach, our fees are 52% lower than the industry average.

Online Portal.

Invest and track your investments
through our intuitive platform.

Streamlined EIS.

Invest and track your investments
through our intuitive platform.

What is EIS?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a government initiative that incentivises investment in early-stage startups with a suite of tax reliefs. Relief can be claimed on investments up to £1m – rising to £2m if a sufficient amount is invested in Knowledge Intensive Companies. The tax reliefs include:
30% income tax relief, which can be applied to the current or previous tax year.
EIS lets you diversify your portfolio, access attractive tax reliefs and potentially gain significant returns.
Deferral and disposal relief on capital gains tax.
Exemption from inheritance tax on EIS shares.
Loss relief for eligible investments that fail.

Our team

SyndicateRoom brings together expertise spanning data science, financial analytics, wealth management, product development, venture capital and strategic partnerships, supported by internal development, marketing and investor relations teams. Everything we offer, we have built ourselves, and all the decisions we make are made in house.

Our board of directors includes experts across finance, marketing, and partnerships at some of the world’s leading institutions.
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