Porotech - up 250%

In brief

  • Porotech produces Micro-LED products based on proprietary technology.
  • Created world’s first microdisplay based on native red indium gallium nitride (InGaN).
  • Partnership with Jade Bird Display (JBD)in China, a leader in micro-LED display technology.
  • In February 2022 it secured $20m Series A funding.

The company

Porotech’s PoroGaNTM semiconductor device solutions offer an entirely new platform for semiconductor devices to be built upon, delivering transformative properties in a single, fully scalable step. The technology is revolutionising the next-generation Micro-LED display industry, while other applications include lasers, power electronics, quantum computing and communication. MicroLED is set to become the ultimate display technology ideally suited for the next generation of AR/MR near-eye applications, wearables and many other consumer electronics devices.


The numbers

We co-invested in Porotech alongside a super angel with a weighted IRR of 32%. Some of their previous investments include RPS, Neul, and Ieso, to name a few.

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