Focused growth investing

The EIS Growth Fund is no longer open to new investments. Please visit our Access EIS Fund page if you wish to make an investment.

Having now funded over 110 trailblazing companies, we’re seeing a number of them raise significant series A and B investment from top tier Venture Capitalists and institutional investors.

It’s a natural progression for the best-performing businesses to go on to raise additional institutional capital, and a promising result for early SyndicateRoom investors.

However, it is frustrating that while VCs are scooping up these deals, private investors are excluded, especially those looking for laterstage, growth-focused opportunities.

SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund will allow private investors to gain exposure to these select opportunities. Drawing on four years of established relationships, the Fund will invest growth capital into at least six of the bestperforming portfolio businesses.

High-growth opportunities

Imagine backing TransferWise or Deliveroo a few years’ into their journeys rather than during the very risky early days. You’d still get very respectable capital growth, but with some of the risk mitigated.

It is, however, difficult for private investors to access later-stage businesses; the size of those company’s funding rounds naturally fit better with institutional investors. Among SyndicateRoom’s extensive portfolio there are a number of companies that raised significant growth capital from venture capitalists, leaving no room for new private investors. SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund aims to give private investors exposure to these exciting growth opportunities.

As of July 2017, the overall SyndicateRoom portfolio had increased in value to 163%, including EIS tax relief.

With a four-year track record and our fast-growing portfolio of 110+ companies, SyndicateRoom is seeing the best-performing companies attracting significant investment from top-tier VCs.

We’re delighted to see this incredible result, but at the same time frustrated that private investors are being excluded from these exciting growth-stage investment opportunities. SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund works to change this.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos

Co-founder, SyndicateRoom

The ones that got away

'SyndicateRoom’s initiative to offer continued financial support to the best-performing portfolio companies as they scale their growth is one of the most inspired ideas from any investment platform. Throughout our three-year-long relationship, the SyndicateRoom team has grown to know us well and has a solid grasp of our performance, which would make a larger follow-on investment from the Growth Fund a simple and well-aligned process.'

Richard Castle
Ex-Finance Director, Recycling Technologies

'Lightpoint Medical raised funds with SyndicateRoom in 2014 and has maintained a close relationship since. SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund is a natural progression. It will help their successful portfolio companies achieve their growth ambitions and give investors access to companies in their exciting scale-up phase.'

David Tuch
CEO, Lightpoint Medical

'For a growing company like TC BioPharm developing long-term relationships with investors that have the ability to follow-on has been critical in the development of our next generation of CAR-T immunotherapies. SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund to support investee companies will increase the scope for introductions to investors who have the funds and expertise to support a company through its funding journey from concept to market success.'

David Gallagher
Co-Founder and Commercial Vice President, TC BioPharm