Investor returns have been dwindling for years in the popular asset classes, with recent global events like Brexit and Trump adding more volatility to the markets. The low-yield investor environment we’re experiencing is the new normal.

And people are being seriously affected by it.

Rise of the growth hunters provides a comprehensive body of evidence for the long-term returns and significant growth potential of investing in startups.

Most importantly, it’s a call to the whole industry – investors, advisors, bankers, entrepreneurs, platforms, commentators, regulators and the government – to tear down these barriers. With investor demand at record highs, now is the time to work together to keep building a more accessible and transparent asset class.

So many young, ambitious companies have been able to come to market in the past few years and have gone on to do great things, whilst delivering long-term value in the process. What this research shows is the considerable value that these companies can unlock, in an environment of growing demand and greater access to finance.

Suranga Chandratillake

General Partner, Balderton Capital

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