Green – or clean – technology is much vaunted as the most important step humanity can take in the next decade. With the majority of the world (with the exception of a notable few) accepting that something needs to be done to protect the environment from man-made pollutants, green technology is becoming ever more prevalent.

One of the factors behind the revolution is that green tech is at a stage where it is now offering a viable alternative in many fields. Dan Matthews for our Investors' Academy which highlighted the improved cost-competitiveness of solar and wind power. Logically, if the technology is more efficient and affordable, it will be taken on by a greater number of users. This, alongside an increasing number of governmental schemes to decrease emissions, landfill and waste, is the driving force behind the trend to invest in clean technologies.

Forbes wrote in 2015 that China will see an investment of $2.5trln into green technology in the next decade, in the search for efficient alternative energy sources. Equally, The Guardian noted last year that we are at the tipping point for investing in renewable energy, with many institutions cutting back or dumping investments in oil.

There are two sides to green technology investment opportunities. Some companies are looking to minimise the impact of existing technology while others aim to switch existing tech to a new resource. As the business community strives for sustainability, investing in startups centered on green technology is becoming a common part of investor portfolios.

Invest in green technology

At SyndicateRoom, our investors have helped numerous green tech companies reach their funding targets, investing on the same conditions as the lead investor. We continue to source environmentally advantageous investment opportunities, as many of our investors are keen to help fund projects which will help see a brighter future for our planet. Recent campaigns that successfully funded include Renovare Fuels, which is developing technology that turns biodegradable waste from homes and industry into petrol or diesel fuel. Another green tech company, Aeristech, developed an electric supercharger prototype for automobiles and also funded on SyndicateRoom in 2017.

Why invest with SyndicateRoom?

Our Access EIS fund builds a diversified startup portfolio for you by co-investing with experienced angel investors. It aims to build a portfolio of at least 50 companies for each investor to further mitigate risk, and to replicate annual market growth in the UK startup sector.

What SyndicateRoom offers:

  1. A data-driven approach to venture capital investing that aims to minimise risk.

  2. Access to a larger portion of the startup market through co-investment with experienced business angels.

  3. Generous tax reliefs as part of the EIS scheme for qualifying investors.

  4. Low minimum investment of £5,000.

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