Founded in 2003, Guinness Asset Management LTD, is wholly owned by its directors and employees. The company provides an active portfolio management service for a number of asset classes and has invested over £60m into 50 EIS-eligible companies and is relatively sector agnostic.

Guinness EIS

Previous funds have invested in a variety of sectors, ranging from renewables to manufacturing companies. Launched in 2010, the fund is open all year round, and targets a return of £1.25 for every £1 invested into it. The current fund is sector agnostic across 3 to 6 investee companies. It is looking to raise £40m in 2017/18 and has a minimum investment ticket of £20,000.

Guinness AIM EIS

Guinness launched its second EIS fund in 2013, with the AIM EIS fund which invests in AIM-listed companies that remain EIS eligible. The fund is open for a few months at a time until sufficient capital has been raised. This fund targets a return of £1.30 for every £1 of investment.

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