Fertility Focus

With its second successful SyndicateRoom raise overfunded to £360,250, Fertility Focus will get its next generation product into the market and continue its excellent record of helping women conceive and understand their bodies’ reproductive patterns.

The story

Fertility Focus was formed in 2005 to help couples get pregnant more quickly and at a lower cost. It’s estimated that 24 million women worldwide seek online advice for fertility problems, and 30% of all women have fertility issues that go unnoticed by doctors. So Fertility Focus created OvuSense: a fertility monitor to help these women manage their cycles and detect if they have ovulatory issues. Unlike its competitors, OvuSense works in real time, and is capable of predicting ovulation with 89% accuracy and confirming it with 99% accuracy.

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Where are they now?

OvuSense is already approved and on the market in Europe and the USA. It has six patents and five clinical publications. Furthermore, the company has now secured enough funding outside of SyndicateRoom to start developing its new mobile app. The app will allow the product's sensor to talk directly to the user's phone, so the large analysis component will no longer be needed. In turn, this will allow the upfront cost for the user to be reduced from £250 to £30, hopefully leading to much higher sales volumes. Progress with the hardware side of the project is almost done, and the new 3rd generation OvuSense will be in the market by Christmas.

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