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Warwick Analytics has developed software that allows companies to automate and semi-automate the time-consuming, manual processes involved in data preparation for predictive analytics.

Warwick Analytics completed its latest SyndicateRoom round in July 2017, overfunding to £475,609. The company’ first round raised £392,000 in June 2015 to hire additional technical and sales staff to complement its growth.

The story

While there is a lot of hype surrounding big data, a commonly acknowledged problem in the sector is that data preparation is a bottleneck. Existing analytics solutions cannot handle 'dirty' data – or data that is incomplete, unstructured or disparate – without significant prior data cleaning and transformation.

Warwick Analytics’ software aspires to address that bottleneck by automating or semi-automating the manual processes currently involved in data preparation for predictive analytics. They provide automated predictive analytics for CX, early warning, predictive maintenance, warranty and root cause analysis.

WA Demo

Warwick Analytics is a multi-award-winning spin-out from Warwick University’s Digital Lab. Since funding via SyndicateRoom in June 2015, Warwick Analytics has piloted its offering with clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce.

Warwick Analytics CEO Dan Somers is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has founded, grown and exited several IT companies, including VC-Net, which he exited in 2011 via trade sale. He is currently also a Partner at Boundary Capital, and previously held executive and non-executive positions at growing software and IT services businesses.

June 2017 update

Video update

-Warwick Analytics were invited to showcase their automated predictive analytics technology at McKinsey’s 11th annual POBOS Executive Roundtable in Milan, Italy as one of only 10 vendors globally representing the best disruptive digital technology for the pharma and medical devices industry.

The POBOS Executive Roundtable is an annual gathering exclusive to Manufacturing executives that provides the opportunity to gain insights into the best practices and innovations that are driving excellence in manufacturing and operations.

-Warwick Analytics were invited to be part of London Midland accelerator programme. Labs by London Midland brings together ten of the UK’s hottest technology start-ups to work as partners in developing solutions that improve rail journeys. Six of the first ten start-up companies have already had their ideas taken forward by the train company and Warwick Analytics was one of the chosen few.

WA Event

-Warwick Analytics wins Platform-X Virgin Trains

Platform-X is the accelerator run by Virgin Trains to disrupt the future of rail transportation. Warwick Analytics were delighted to win the competition which means the opportunity to pilot its software within Virgin Trains to help improve the customer experience of passengers and lower the operating costs for Virgin Trains.

January 2018 update

-Warwick Analytics has recently launched a new beta version of its flagship product PrediCX™, and is in the process of confirming significant further paid pilots with customers. Find out more about PrediCX™ below:

-The company is also aiming to secure its first long-term SaaS contract in the first few months of 2018.

-Warwick Analytics has been shortlisted for Accenture's FinTech Innovation Lab London accelerator programme. The three-month programme, which runs from January-March 2018, will partner fintech start-ups with executives from banks and insurers to fine-tune and develop their technologies and business models. Find out more about the cohort and programme.

The lead investor

Robin Southwell OBE has worked for a significant period in the aerospace and consulting industries, initially with BAE Systems and later with W S Atkins and Airbus. During this time, he served as CEO of W S Atkins and then CEO of EADS UK in 2005. Along the way he has been involved with a great deal of investment, growth and M&A. He currently has a diverse portfolio with several commercial, advisory and charitable interests, ranging from technology to property. In 1997 he received an OBE for services to exports.

The market factors that the company is ‘betting on’ are all strongly growing – big data, predictive analytics, internet of things etc. The company has demonstrated some key competitive advantages within this space, and could well become a significant company and attractive acquisition for one of the major software houses or consultancies.

Robin Southwell OBE

Lead investor

What investors say

'I’ve been working with marketing research agencies for most of my career. In the digital age a huge obstacle for them is the sheer volume and disparity of 'voice of customer' data to analyse when presented in its natural language form. Until now the only option has been to analyse a tiny proportion of it, using a significant number of data scientists. Warwick Analytics changes the game and opens up new opportunities for the whole industry'.

– Nigel H, investor

'The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and we have to verify and document everything we do. So finding and validating the root causes which drove yield improvements was a key advancement and we are very pleased with the analysis that Warwick Analytics provided. We did not expect the results to be as good as they were, particularly with limited data we provided. Also the speed of calculation and the ease of interpreting the results was impressive too.'

– David T, investor

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