This week’s episode of Angel Insights boasts two prolific guests: David Barrie and Deepali Nangia.

David has created and led ventures credited with raising more than £500m of new investment in towns, cities, entrepreneurs and communities through public–private partnerships. His ventures spanned the UK, Canada, Russia and Eastern Europe with enterprises like The People’s Supermarket and Wild Blue Cohort, his angel investment network and enterprise-support service in West London.

David’s achievements have been covered extensively in top publications the world over – The New York Times, China Daily and Monocle – and have earned several prominent awards, including the 2016 Maserati 100, 2011 Future Minds European Award for Innovation and the 2009 Grand Prix RIBA Public Space.

Deepali Nangia works with David as Investment Director at Wild Blue Cohort. Deepali’s career has taken her all around the world, from the heights of Wall Street to the financial hub of London to India, where she founded her own business – a mother–child activity centre called Tiny Feet, Giant Leaps. She is also the Founder of Empower, a London-based provider of business/career support services for female entrepreneurs, women professionals and non-profits.

In the interview, David and Deepali tell Harry the impetus behind founding Wild Blue Cohort, how they balance financial return with social impact, and much more.

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